Cleaning and care

Everything you need for a professional care for stoves, fireplaces, grills & co. You will find only directly at Exclusive Home in the Anny Wödl Gasse 3, 2700 Wr. Neustadt. Here you will find first-class advice on matching accessories and care products, because as with heating or sanitary systems, we are happy to accept every customer request personally. If you have any questions about our cleaning and care range, please send us a message, we look forward to inform you about details.
Universal products.

Cement fog remover, oil and wax remover, algae and moss remover, universal wipe care, oil-ex gel

Washed concrete and terrace slabs

Cement fog remover, intensive cleaner, protective impregnation

Ceramics, tiles, clinker, porcelain stoneware

Sanitary Cleaner, Mold EX, Joint Cleaner, Bath and Shower Cleaner, Porcelain Stoneware Intensive Cleaner, CT Barrel Filling Pump, Porcelain Stoneware, Dirt Impregnation, Porcelain Stoneware Maintenance Cleaner

Trade and industry

SRA alkaline alkaline cleaner, rust converter, silicone smoothing agent, CT-Rapid problem solver, CT anti-slip

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